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Speed ​​Access 4G

Speed ​​Access 4G
4G Technology | The mobile communication technology that is a trend today is the 3G technology. tahukahanda however, that this technology soon have to compete with 4G technology.
One feature of Khasi 4G technology is already akanberbasis entire IP network. The technology used is Internet technology teleponmenggunakan Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).
SIP technology was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). SIPmenjadi standard 'open' so that all human resources around the world can mengambil'source code ', and implement it directly for free. Real examples of the implementation of this 4G telephone exchange is VoIP Rakyat.

When this technology has been implemented, it is not berbasisGSM phones with 3G features that will be popular. However, the use of laptops equipped with wi-fi wherewith and
softphone (skype, x-lite, and sjphone) will lebihoptimal. For PDA users are already equipped with wi-fi, PDAs can digunakansebagai Pre-4G phones. Softphone can be used for this type of PDA adalahsjphone for PPC. IPAQ 69 version can already be used for pre-4Gini.

Other mobile devices that supports Push-To-Talk and SIP can jugadigunakan for the purpose of communicating with pre-4G technologies.

In addition to IP-based 4G technology, it has distinctive features that this phone masihakan function properly if its consumer communicates with menggunakanpiranti 4G in a vehicle with a speed of 150 km / h with kecepatantransfer reach 54 Mbps.

Wimax (IEEE802.16e) is a
wireless technology that will greatly menunjangpenggunaan this 4G technology. With a broad scope, Wimax allow the brought in a state of moving at 150-200 km / h sambilmelakukan transfer data at speeds of 54 Mbps.

With his free 2.4GHz frequency which is also the operating scope wimax, Wimax operational activity will be very cheap. With perangkattersebut, 3G technology will be missed. So we no longer need tergiuriklan 3G. To be sure, things we need to do is mengkonsentrasikandiri on 4G technology that is clearly open source. So the nation from colonial kitaterlepas.
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