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Beautiful Words About Love

A drop of hatred in the hearts
Would have led to suffering
But a drop of love in the recesses of the heart
will bring true happiness

Beat Anger with Love
Crime Beat by Virtue
Defeat stinginess with Generosity
Defeat Pride with Honesty

Lust will only give momentary happiness
but a sincere and true love will give
happiness forever

If we love someone
Keep Trying to appear as it is
because true love always
Receive Advantages and Disadvantages

Happy for someone who will understand the meaning of love,
Because Love is going to give color to life

Very big love sometimes can make us
can not love anymore

Entirely liver is not a sin, So Do not Ever
Afraid to Fall In Love

Must Love Each Other Have
Sometimes Kala They Must Love Must Release
Because True Love Always Want happy
People loved
Love is like a distinguished art beautiful and great,
blessed are ever to get it even if not eternal

Love does not make the world go round
Love is what makes the trip worthwhile

Love is not a look one another,
but looking out together in the same direction.

The bell is not a bell until you ring it
The song is not a song until you sing it
Love in your heart was not placed to live there

Love is not love until you give it
Lust is an emotion
Love is a choice
The way to love anything is to realize
That something is probably missing

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness
A wise lover does not appreciate a gift from her boyfriend
As much love from the giver

If you want to beloved, give a sincere love
and be the person who deserves beloved

Among those I like or admire,
I can not find something in common
But among those whom I love,
I can find them: they all make me laugh

Friendship often ends in love
But love sometimes end up not with friendship

We have to slightly resemble each other
to understand each other
But we have a little different
To love one another

Immature love says:
"I love you because I need you"
Love is ripe says:
"I need you because I love you"

Love inserting pleasure in togetherness
sadness in parting hopes on tomorrow's joy in my heart

Anyone who has a heart full of love always has something to give
True love begins when nothing is expected in return

Once we learn to love
We will learn to live

Love ...
If you have it, you do not need anything else
And if you do not have it, whatever else you may have meant little

Love can not be enforced
Love can not be persuaded and seduced
Love comes from Heaven without mask and without looking

Try to reason about love and you too
will lose their memory

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