42 It About Her Father Is Not known Son
All About Father

1. My father wanted his children have more opportunities than himself, face fewer difficulties, less dependent on anyone - and (but) always in need of his presence.

2. Dad let you win in the game when you were small, but he does not want you to let her win when you are older.

3. My father was not in the family photo album, because he is always photographing.

4. My father always precise promise! He will hold his promise to help a friend, although the actual call you to go further fun.

5. Dad was always a little sad when she saw her children go to play with friends mereka.karena he realized it was the end of childhood them.

6. My father started planning your life when knowing that your mother pregnant (Mengandungmu), but once you were born, he began to make revisions.

7. Daddy helped make dreams come true even he too can convince you to do impossible things, like swimming in water after he was let go.

8. Father might not know the answer to everything, but it helps you look for it.

9. Dad may look fierce in your eyes, but in the eyes of her friends looks good and loving.

10. Dad slowly got friends, but he was friends for life

11. Dad was really pleased to help someone ... but it is difficult to ask assistance.

12. Daddy in the kitchen. Make cooking such as scientific exploration. He has formulas and formulas own recipe, and only he himself who understand how to solve complicated equations. And The result? ... . mmmhhh ... "not too disappointing" ^ _ ~

13. My father probably never touched a broom when he was young, but he can learn quickly.

14. Father knows best how to push the swing high enough to makes you happy but do not be afraid.

15. Dad would love to buy you food after he got home from work, although he could not even part of it food

16. Dad always pray that we be successful in the world and Hereafter, although we rarely even rarely pray

17. I will give you the best seat with the lift you dibahunya, when the parade passed.

18. Dad will not pamper you when you're sick, but he would not sleep all night. Who knows you need it.

19. Dad thought he deserved to stand alone, so she would not tell you what you should do, but he would express a sense of not setujunya.

20. My father believed people should be on time. that's why she was always more initial waiting.

22. He would forget what he wants, in order to provide what you need ..... 23. He stopped what he was doing, if you want talk ...

24. He is always thinking and working hard to pay for each mu spp semester, even if you never helped her calculate how much wrinkles on the forehead ....

25. Daddy weight lifting from your shoulders with his hands merengkuhkan around the brunt of it ....

26. Dad would say, just ask your mother "when he wants said, no "

27. Dad never got angry, but his face would be flushed when their daughters to stay at a friend's house ithout permission

28. And he almost never gets mad, except when her son caught smoking bathroom.

29. Dad said, it does not matter provided you take a little risk afford to lose what do you expect "

30. The best compliment for a father was when he saw doing something good just like the way ....

31. My father is more proud of the achievements, rather than his own achievements ....

32. Dad just will menyalamimu when first time you go wander leaving home, because if he could he would not embrace never be able to let go hug it.

33. Dad does not like to shed a tear .... when you were born and he hear you cry for the first time, he was very happy until-
to exit the water from his eyes (ssst.. but again this is not cry)

34. when you were little, she can hold you to dispel takutmu ... when you dream will kill the monster ...

35. but ..... it turns out she can cry and could not sleep all night, when her beloved daughter at the shoreline did not give the news during almost a month.

36. My father once said: "if you want to get a sharp sword and high quality, do not look for the market especially junkman, but come and book directly from the clever iron. the same goes with love and friends in your life, if you want to get the love of your life later, then ask and order in the Creator "

37. For the future of her son's father told him:,, be a more powerful and stronger than me, choose a mother to your children someday women better than your mother, give a better for law and my grandchildren, than what have I give to you "

38. And for the future of her daughter's father told him: "Do not cry baby even if you're a woman, always be my little angel and angel best for the future father of your children! men are more able to protection beyond protecting father, but never ever replace you the position of father in your heart "

39. My father insisted, that your children will have to behave better than you used to ....

40. Dad can make you believe in yourself ... because he believe in you ...

41. Dad did not try to be the best, but he's just trying to do our best ....

42. And most importantly ... Dad never stop you for love God, even he would spread a thousand roads for you to reach his love, because he too loves you because of his love.

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