Flash Ad Dollars From PPC, CPM, CPA, CPI Not Scam
Flash Ad Dollars From PPC, CPM, CPA, CPI Not Scam. friends of the virtual information kang greetings today are willing to share information about business on the internet which produces dollars and not a scam. This business is a network international advertising called clicksor.com inc Where we just put a banner ad that is given only to get money $ they have a motto like banners on the side namely "consumer target for international samapi local network" then do not be strange if Clicksor ads professional and we need to know 
Clicksor is a advertising business that rivals both google adsene in financial terms (paid) and quality (ampilan, features, TOS.etc) 

Clicksor is an international ad network that terpercya, ad which in tampilkanpun very professional, from gif image, flash, text links, videos, etc.. 

One of the evidence convinces us that Clicksor is not a scam very strict rules, if a direct TOS violation in Banned, like my experience two days ago, because his blog is still improving and mess happened to be a review team came to me and ultimately kesitus I was in suspended with the reason the site does not look professional and restrict content. if meu more details please read my article here 

Okay Additionally there is one more evidence is not conclusive if clicsor SCAM namely, participation in network ziddu.com Clicksor. if you sialakan not believe in coming to ziddu.com or download files from ziddu sure you will be in suguhi ad from Clicksor. 

Well besides that other evidence is a lot of advertisers who are advertising in clicksor.com course with a professional appearance and full animation 

Prior to my URL banned within 2 days I make money $ 1.60 Just imagine if I was active till 1 month I've probably have a minimum of $ 50 

So I'm not mistaken in my previous post reveal Clicksor International PTC Being rival Google Adsene 

You all signed up for Clicksor? easy. please click the link below: Lihat Juga :


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