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Google Pagerank VS Alexa Renk

Google Pagerank VS  Alexa Renk

Google and Alexa Page Renk Renk 
When sayaberselancar on friends blogs, I found an interesting article and has a good weight for published and obligatory in the know by The friends of bloggers. This paper is not intended to find out who wins who loses, but first wanted to share his knowledge of observing my friends and then followed by my top ranking service provider, which is Google with Page rank and Alexa with Alexa rank. 
If anyone asks where better Page Rank (PR) or Alexa Rank (AR)? 
I will respond with answers Alexa Rank better ... why not? The following comparison:

1. How They Think Google Using a special algorithm formula for calculating page rank, and most of all counted by Google is HOW MANY TOTAL BACKLINK owned site, the more the better backlinknya the page rank. 

Alexa Using a simple formula, which is more and more websites are visited (either using the Alexa toolbar or not, etc.) then rank the better. 

If Google had paid attention LESS FAIR calculations, because only the backlink count, meaning that if the site has a lot of visitors every day, it is still the page rank will be 0 if no one gives a link to the website. Another example, if there is a website that consists of few pages and visitors a bit but backlinknya many (whether legal or illegal), then the website can get high pr. In contrast to Alexa, because the logic supporting the logic of man, the famous site is the site visited by many people, and the more who visit the website ranking is better.
2. Hacking 
Google And out of the SEO forums, so many ways to "menjahili" page rank, yap ... formerly was (or maybe now there is) nothing to manipulate page rank, one way is to redirect 301, 302 and other scripts, so that sites that have page rank 0 may jump to the page rank 10 with the use of this script. Given this, the many sites that provide its service to check the authenticity of a page rank, you can visit the address: http://www.build-reciprocal-links.com/fake-rank-checker 
Please use the address above to check the authenticity of a page rank of a site. To boost the ranking of Google also is no way possible, ie submit to a free or paid directories that exist in this world, to list directoriesnya can search the forum, Google or can also maen-maen to ane new hangout in httpseo.com. 

Alexa Many people who claim to cheat Alexa, among them with the widget, the Alexa toolbar, redirect, refresh the page etc, but in FACT this is not proven true. Example: 
  • By using the Alexa toolbar (Internet Explorer) or Alexa Sparky (Mozilla Firefox) and then refresh the page until ratuan times it will get better alexa rank.
How the above is still very doubtful because there never netter abroad to experiment with making a website with a few pages, the website is not notified to the general public aka no one comes to the website other than his own. Then he refreshes the page of the website and do not forget to also use the Alexa toolbar, even as rank does not improve drastically he invited several people to refresh the page as much as possible, but in reality? Alexa ranking is not improving nearly as well if not much better. 
Perhaps this is true because by doing a redirect to Alexa, so also do the boot to the Alexa ranking and speed, but it is still the pros and cons .. 

What about people who he managed in this way? 
Yep probably the Alexa be tricked but most of them are subjective to the way that means they do experiments on his site is quite popular and has even visited by many people, sehingg Alexa ranking goes up dramatically claimed successfully menjahili Alexa, but it has a lot of visitors. So that try to use the websites that were new when attempted to defraud the Alexa rank. 

Then why Alexa seems to stay calm with this method? 
Yep, it's possible with the existence of this controversy, the Alexa increasingly popular, especially from the side of the toolbar, is not one way to boost the popularity is making a case that is controversy ...?? heheheh Btw there was also testimony from one of ya how to cheat the Alexa ranking, the address here
The testimony makes clear that the Alexa rank is not easy to be cheated ... Here also listen Alexanya own words if you want a good rank: http://www.alexa.com/site/help/traffic_learn_more
3. The belief of the Vendor The most striking difference is why the hell if you want to sign up for Text Link Ads, etc. are viewed are ranked Alexa rank ..??? Why not just page rank Google ...?? Google khan big companies and famous ... even more famous than Alexa? Yap as described above, Alexa has calculated that more Islamic. Facts ...???


The picture above my print screen from a promotional site news (such as Digg.com or LintasBerita.com). If noted khan rada weird ... page rank 3 but why Alexa rank 10 millions .. and older age of this site already loh but one website that I created was less than 1 month has a page rank 0 and Alexa 4 million.
Well lack Compaction these calculations because the website is a news website and have a lot of backlinks but lately the site deserted, and automatically Alexanya will drop away, but Google does not count so ...
Another fact try to read its provisions Alexa dech taken fromhttp://www.alexa.com/site/help/traffic_learn_more . "What are Page Views? Page views measure the number of pages viewed by Alexa Toolbar users. Multiple page views of the Same Same page made by the user on the Same day are counted only once. The page views per user numbers are the average numbers of unique pages viewed per user per day by the users visiting the site. The three-month change is determined by comparing a site's current page view numbers with those from three months ago. " 
Still thinking of doing refresh as much as possible ...??? 

The conclusion is: 
  1. Alexa rank is more islamic count and focus on the backlinks Google allowing vendors and webmasters more like Alexa.
  2. Alexa has a ranking that is not too long compared to Google's updates are updates of ± 3 months.
  3. The advantage of using Alexa is Alexa give yand real data obtained from the number of visits that are unique and very good to monitor the achievement of the website in the number of visits.
  4. Some people say that Alexa only counts visits a website using the Alexa toolbar, etc., but some people believe that it is not necessary to use the toolbar, Alexa will continue to calculate the rank websites, but by using the toolbar then the calculation more leverage and more quickly.
  5. The advantage of using Google Page Rank is a quiet moment of our site so our site is still valued by Google during backlinknya still there.
This paper is intended to align the way we look at all of the Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank ..both have their own advantages and disadvantages ... but more good if we can excel in both rankings this ... 
Hopefully useful ... 

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