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All the bloggers would want to be known a lot of people, popular, and therefore we should know by many important people as well. If the little we know or know us, so we called unpopular. These words turned out to apply in the Search Engine, a web / blog that has many backlinks called famous or popular.

Having a lot of backlinks is very good especially on the backlinks to the web / blog famous (High PageRank). The higher the Page Rank of a web / blog, the better the usual position in search engines, well this point we learn SEO .

Many ways to find and get the backlinks quality for getting a high PR, here I will try to share and learn with a fairly simple trick, like tau gak? 

The trick with many commenting on the web / other blogs, especially blogs that you comment on it embraced the principle of "DoFollow", well we are very lucky to get a "one way links" (links in one direction). There are some points you should consider in looking for backlinks with this comment.
  1. Do not use the name in the text box name when giving comments, preferably, use the keywords you are targeting. so do not use eg "aalil" but "learn seo" or the title of your blog, because the keyword is a word people use to find specific information in the SE. Well this is the so-called "anchor text" and had a huge impact for our web / blog into the top in search engines.
  2. There website address, you fill in a web address / blog that you want to make the top.Better you use the address of any 1 post (deep linking) your blog is not only the main page / index only.
  3. At Fill your comment, make sure you give a good comment or according to topic. Not junk (spam).
If the three points above obeyed and done quite a lot, I guarantee ranking web / blog will rise again and ride on and on and on. Come let us look for quality backlinks to increase the SEOblog.

Source: http://aalil.blogspot.com/

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