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Wise Words About Love

Wise Words About Love
Words of Wisdom About Love, Touching Words About Love Sex is easy. To be loved is really easy. But to be loved by the people we love that is difficult to obtain.

The feeling of love starts from the eye, while liking starts from the ear. So if you mahu stop like someone, just by closing the ears. But if you try to close your eyes of someone you love, love is turned into a teardrop and continue to live within your heart a long time.

The words of love that was born just on the lips and not in the liver able to pulverize the entire body and soul, when the words of love that is born from a sincere heart is able to treat wound in the hearts of all who heard it. 
Love never asked, he always gives, love brings misery, but never retaliate. Where there is love there is life, when hatred leads to extinction.

It hurts to love someone who does not love you, but more painful is to love someone and you never have the courage to express your love to him.

True love is when he loves someone else, and you are still able to smile, saying: I am also happy for you.Do not occasionally say goodbye if you still want to try. Do occasionally give up if you still feel able. Do not occasionally say you do not love him anymore if you still can not forget it.If we love someone, we will pray sentiasa although he was not our side.

Do not store the words of love in people who are dear so that he dies, because eventually you have to love words Put it on pusarannya. Instead say the love words that saved your hearts it now while there is his life.Love is not teaching us weak, but generate power. Love teaches us not humiliate ourselves, but breathed valor. Love not weaken the spirit, but uplifting.

Love can turn bitter into sweet, switch dust gold, cloudy to clear, sick are healed, the prison into the lake, pain becomes pleasure, and anger into mercy.

A sad thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you. Only to find that in the end be no means to and you have to let go.

You know that you really miss someone, when you think about your heart shattered. And only by hearing the word "Hi" from him, to reunite the pieces of liver.

Sometimes you do not appreciate people who love you with all my heart, so you lose it. At that time, not to regret because he had gone without berpatah again.

Do not love someone like flowers, because flowers die when the seasons change.Love them like a river, because the river flows forever.

The beginning of love is to let someone you love be perfectly themselves, and not turn it into a picture that you want. If not, you just love the reflection of ourselves that you find in him.

Love can soften steel, crush stone, raised the dead, and breathed life into him and make the slave leader. This is the strength of love!

You never know when you'll fall in love. but when that time comes, reach with your hands, and do not let him go with an abundance of feeling his heart question mark.

Love is not cheap and common words are spoken from mouth to mouth but love is a gift of God's beautiful and holy, if humans can assess purity.

Not the sea its name if the water was not choppy. Not the love of his name if the feeling was never hurt. Not the beloved name if his heart is never missed and jealous.

The only way for us to acquire the affection, is not demanding that we loved, but start giving love to others without expecting something in return. 

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