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7 Tips Link Building Blog And New Website

7 Tips Link Building Blog And New Website
Build links is an absolute obligation that must be done by the admin and the new web blog. The goal of course to improve the quality of our search engine. Samakin both outside and we link in the blog, the better the assessment of search engines such as google to our site. Here kang salman will share experiences on how to optimize a new blog for to build quality links

  1. Start by sending us Blog directory list blog. Blog directory list can be seen here
  2. Use ping services available such as Pingomatic and others. Remember! Perform ping after we perform the update on the blog. Ping aims to inform the search engine that our blog has an update.
  3. Whether true or not, he said some sites or blogs that use the domain. Edu (dot edu) to produce high quality backlinks. Come participate in your site or blog, leave comments by inserting a link back to our blog. But remember, do not ever you do comment spamming , Try to actually participate on topic site or blog. To find your site or blog dot edu berdomain you can use the google search engine by typing in search words such as in i: site:. edu inurl: blog
  4. Leave a comment dofollow blogs (Related articles: Know Dofollow.) Usually blogs like put banners "dofollow" or "you comment i follow". Why must leave a comment? Each left a comment at dofollow blogs and include a link, then the link will be counted as backlinks in search engines . But remember, once again do not make spam to them. Give feedback that is useful for some post and participate. Spam actions will only make your blog look negative in the eyes of other fellow bloggers often blog admin or not melulusakan your blog from their sensors. :P
  5. Register to a few forums and use your blog url in your signature section. :thumbsup:
  6. Come participate in SEO contest is in progress, the goal of course to hone science SEO us. :)
  7. The final step is to use traditional means such as register your blog to search engines , Exchange our links and submitting articles to social networking services like twitter, facebook, digg, StumbleUpon, etc..
Let the spirit continue to ya! }}} 

Good luck 7 Tips Link Building Blog and New Website 

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