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Aloe Vera For Health Benefits

Aloe Vera For Health Benefits
Benefits & Benefits of Aloe Vera . Of course we know that aloe vera plant terkrnal many mrngobati kasiatnya in various diseases

In addition to nourish hair, aloe vera is also known efficacious for treating a number of diseases . Among diabetes mellitus and heart attacks.

Aloe vera or often called Aloevera is one of the medicinal plants which are very efficacious in curing various diseases. Aloe vera This has been used the Samaritans around 1875 BC. A peracik traditional medicines Greek named Dioscordes, states that Aloe vera can treat various diseases such as ulcers, skin bruising, cracking, blisters, hair loss, hemorrhoids, and sore throat.

In his report, Fujio L. Panggabean, a researcher and observer of medicinal plants, says that the efficacy of aloe vera no other because these plants have sufficient nutrition for the human body. Results of other studies on Aloe vera showed that carbohydrate is the largest component after water, which donated a number of calories as a source of energy.

Aloe vera also can be used as a health food that is:

According to one observer of health food (supplement), Dr. Freddy Wilmana, MFPM, Sp.FK, from about 200 species of aloe vera plant , Which is suitable for treatment is a type Aloevera barbadensis miller. Aloe vera It contains 72 types of substances needed by the body . Among the 72 substances the body needs it there are 18 kinds of amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, and substances drug classes. Among others, antibiotics, antiseptic, antibacterial, anticancer, antiviral, antifungal, anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, antipembengkakan, antiparkinson, antiaterosklerosis, and antiviral resistant to antibiotics.

Given the complete content of it, according to Dr. aloe vera. Freddy was not just useful to maintain health, but also overcome many diseases. "For example, aloe vera is also able to lower blood sugar in non insulin-dependent diabetes. Within ten days of blood sugar can be normal, "he said.

Contains Aloe Vera Antioxidants
According to Drs. Freddy, some mineral elements contained in aloe vera is also serving as forming a natural antioxidant. For example, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc.

"Even the results of research scientists from the United States said that in Aloevera barbadensis miller there are some substances that can act as antioxidants," he said. Antioxidants are useful to prevent premature aging, heart attacks, and some degenerative diseases.

Aloe vera stimulates the growth of new cells in the skin .
Mucus contained in aloe vera lignin substances that can penetrate and soak into the skin. This will keep mucus fluid loss from the skin surface. As a result, the skin does not dry quickly and look younger.

Savor Tongue In Medical Costs
In addition to hemorrhoids, aloe vera can be overcome swelling in the knee joints, cough, and wounds. Aloe vera also helps cope with constipation or difficult bowel movements because the mucus is bitter and contain laktasit, so it is a good laxative.

So far, according to Dr. Freddy, research have not found the use of aloe vera side effects . If there is a problem, it is only in the form of allergy in those who have never consume aloe vera. "But, so far from my patients who take supplements made from aloe vera, a reaction that arises is because the power of drugs that fight disease," he said. However, keep in mind, according to Dr. Freddy, the nature of plant Aloe vera is almost similar to the apples when discharged directly bitten by a brown . It can be a sign of Aloe vera has been oxidized, so that some substances that contain damaged.

"It's not all damaged elements, but who would only get a pulp? Therefore, you should immediately consumption of aloe vera ingredient Both are formulated or processed, for more very beneficial, "he continued.

Potions can be made from Aloe Vera:

How Concocting: 1 Aloe vera leaves are washed and peeled. It contained chopped or blended. Add 1 tablespoon of pure honey. Drink 3 times daily.
How Concocting: Half (1 / 2) stem prickly aloe vera leaves removed, washed, and shredded. Give half (1 / 2) cup of hot water, then wring it out. Add 2 tablespoons of honey. In warmer conditions, drink 3 times a day.

How Concocting: Half (1 / 2) stems from aloe vera leaves are washed and peeled. The content is cut into small pieces. Brewed with half (1 / 2) cup of water. Give 1 tablespoon honey. Warm food 2 times a day.

Diabetes melitus
How Concocting: 2 sticks of aloe vera leaves, washed, discarded needles, cut into pieces. Boil 3 cups water, then strain. Drink 3 times daily after meals, each with half a glass.

Lowering blood sugar levels
Cara Meramu: 1 pelepah lidah buaya ukuran besar (kira-kira seukuran telapak tangan) dibersihkan dengan mengupas kulit dan durinya. Rendam sekitar 30 menit dalam air garam. Remas sebentar lalu bilas di bawah air yang mengalir (air kran). Rebus dengan 3 gelas air hingga mendidih. Dinginkan. Minum sebanyak 1/2 gelas, 2 sampai 3 kali sehari.

Hair fertilizer
How Concocting: 2 midrib aloe vera are washed and peeled. The contents rubbed on the scalp that had been washed in the afternoon. Wrap with cloth. The next day the hair is rinsed. Do it every day for 3 months.

Cough (stubborn)
How Concocting: 20 g aloe vera leaves are washed, peeled, cut into pieces. Give 2 tablespoons of pure honey. Drink 2 times a day. Repeat for 10 days.

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