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Blogwalking vs Search Engine

Blogwalking vs Search Engine
Blogwalking vs Search Engine . Which is better? Okay pal virtual information kang salman day trying to write an idea that might be a little nyeleneh. But before here kang salman remind me to write this goal is not to find which one is better among the visitors coming from search engines blogwalking or in increasing our alexa traffic. :)

The term Blogwalking is translated as the streets and visiting each other. from both our understanding can be translated as follows: " that is an activity where the bloggers leave a link in your blog or website other people while giving comments ".

From the above definition we can take the conclusion, that the main purpose blogwalking is hoping to get back from the visit Admin these blogs to our blog. That way the amount of traffic / visitors that descend to our site grows.

The term Search Engine / Search Engine ,

As we know, the internet is a storehouse of information, ranging from small things to the things that exist outside our minds all the internet. Just how do we use it. Among the millions and even billions of existing information on the Internet, of course we will find it hard to find specific information. For this reason the search engines (Search Engine) was instrumental in finding the required information. So the search engine is a smart machine that serves unt uk looking for information on the Internet according to certain key words. Lots of sites that serve as search engines such as:

  1. www.google.com
  2. www.yahoo.com
  3. www.bing.com
  4. www.altavista.com
  5. www.incari.com
  6. www.hotbot.com
  7. www.catcha.co.id
  8. www.excite.com
  9. etc.

Blogwalking vs Search Engines 
In this case we often meet some people who keep the tradition blogwalking until there may be many people who took the time just to put a link in the guestbook or comment box and leave. can be imagined by the person we were so busy until no time to linger on the blogs of others. salman kang asked why you like it? "Because time is very precious to me, I ga have time to read the finished article. Because there are 1000 blogs that I should visit this day."

In this latter case we often meet some people who do not like doing blogwalking, but while visiting another person if the article was interesting he would read until the end. but you know the person is not always leave comments below our posts. was enough for him and were satisfied to get new insights. However, it should be noted, usually these type of people when he poured the comment is not half-half, when angry and gentlemen, if amazed he would submit it with amazing language, and when criticized he will not hesitate. These people who call the visitor quality. but that does not mean visitors that diamonds are not qualified, according to Kang salman same quality but there are all levels.

In this case, probably the opposite of the first case, if the first is a crazy person blogwalking. but here the opposite. the passive (rarely blogwalking). most of the time spent online menyususun templates and SEO, tittle, and meta, keywords, etc. hunting. Maybe this is the person who optimizes his blog with the best possible in order to attract more visitors from search engines. character of this type usually jendrung passive and always busy with his own business (not all) but behind kepasifannya it gives the image of a smart, cool and mysterious.

If you just rely on blogwalking alone, let alone blogwalking perfunctory, do not expect to get a visit from the owner of the blog you visit, the owner of the blog will be picky about where is the blog that will be visited by them. blogwalking who expect only perfunctory linkback from other visitors will usually be in vain unless you visit the blog kesebuah that embraces the same principle with you.

If you just rely on optimization seo + search engine only possible result will be a maximum but the network of social relations and the virtual world you are not widespread.

Both have efektersendiri towards your ranking in search engines and Alexa rank stayed back again to us, that is how we divide both for balanced so that the results obtained maximum.

Okay pal wrote our virtual information Immediately Quiz yuk so what conclusions from Blogwalking vs. Search Engine?
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