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Collection of Tips on How to Create a Link

Collection of Tips on How to Create a Link
Hello everyone, this time we will discuss how to create a "link"! taukan what is already a link?
before we lanjutin, I would love this anniversary special tips beginner blogger
but if to simply remember the past does guns papa  :) . Okay friends, let's continue our discussion, "Link" is a related link to pages or other sites in the direction of links / links we want, so yes about an explanation? :) Hopefully understandable.

If your way is to "create a facebook like this word" please click here

Actually the column blogger posting on already available facilities to make links with ease, we can just click the image link, the contents of the destination address, is complete.

But here we are discussing is how to create a link with HTML code alias manually, if I prefer sich aka Both of his automatic mode, Edit HTML mode depending on purpose ^ _ ^

Examples such as this, if you create an article for the post, then in his wish in make a link,

Suppose that the article tells about the site / new blog you visit, then you want to invite the readers of the article is to visit websites that you describe.

Suppose that in the article were the words like this "If you are interested please you" click here .

Sebaiknaya you in writing a post in a state of the Edit HTML Compose mode, that let me easily aja in writing HTML code.
 ^ _ ^

Here are some examples of how to create a link:

 Link without opening new windows
<a href="http://romm30.blogspot.com"> click here </ a>

This link when clicked will open diwindows / same page, except the right click -> open new tab / new windows.

 Links with the tab / new windows
<a href="http://romm30.blogspot.com" target="new"> click here </ a>

This link when clicked will open a tab / new windows, so the previous page still exists.

the word "new" could be replaced with _blank, so it's up to you select which one because the same function aja ko '.

 Link to picture / Image or Icon without new windows
<a href="http://romm30.blogspot.com"> <img src="alamat picture you want ditampilkan"> </ a>

Previously, first upload your image hosting site to store the image, for example in href href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"> photobucket </ a>

If it uploads, copy the URL / address and paste it in red.

 Link to picture / image or icon with the tab / new windows
<a href="http://romm30.blogspot.com"> target = "_blank" <img src="alamat picture you want ditampilkan"> </ a>

Similar to the explanation with no.
 3, we simply add target = "_blank".

 Link title
<a href="http://romm30.blogspot.com" target="new" title="mau else please see my blog click on sini"> Romm30 Blog </ a>

To clarify this discussion, let stand briefly try your mouse on the link, then not long after the note want to see my blog else please click here.

Well now you probably already understand the purpose of me, so in a link there are the words to emphasize our invitation to readers to click on the link.
 To make the title of this link is very easy, that we just have to add the title = "..."

 Download Link
<a href="URL file/file.zip"> download </ a>

Here we already have considered hosting the file on who would be downloaded, enter the file URL in the URL address above code.

So are several ways to make Link.

If still no less?
 dikolom please add a comment, enter my Ntar posted.

Reference: www.wikipedia.com
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