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Do Not Just Copy and Paste!

Do Not Just Copy and Paste!
Do not just copy and paste read the rules!. The theme is in usungkan by kang salman associated with the rise of copy and paste is done on this blog. generally on other blogs. Indeed such thing as copyright belongs to God, but we also must know the procedures how to avoid problems.

Okay, I give you the freedom to copy an article or content on this blog but there are some requirements that you need to be fulfilled:
  1. If objection Nitip ga article source link hehe yes:): http://onlinetipstrik.blogspot.com
  2. Change the content or the contents of the article so at least 30% of the original. eg your language style:)
  3. Take a good look and study the article until you can, not to events that had "disguised name" keulang again, from Copas, afraid someone had asked on our blog. it sounded funny, as he puzzled and asked back to me. 'Apologize to the offended'.
  4. And lastly do not forget to ask for permission. For example: "Permission Copas kang" I would appreciate people who like this, you know
  5. Above rules are not binding and are subject to change at any time
Buktianlah if you are a peace-loving blogger Indonesia. Honest to yourself and be True Blogger by yourself! Okay ^ _ ^

Thank you ..

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