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Economic Systems Socialist (Socialism)

Understanding Afairs Socialist System
More priority to unity (collectivism).
- Community is considered as the only social reality, while individuals fiction.
- No recognition of personal rights (individual) in the socialist system.

The role of government is very strong
- The government acted on from the planning, implementation to monitoring stage.
- The means of production and economic policies are all regulated by the state.

Human nature is determined by the pattern of production
- The pattern of production (assets controlled by the community) gave birth to consciousness of collectivism (socialist society)
- The pattern of production (assets controlled by individuals) gave birth to consciousness of individualism (capitalist society).

These weaknesses Socialist economic system:
The theory of class conflict is not generally accepted
Not many cases, only occur when the industrial revolution (mid century) and Bolsevik revolution in 1917). In India many castes, but the social revolution never happened.

There is no freedom of choice of occupation
So tehambat community creativity, productivity declines, production and the economy will stop.

There is no incentive for hard work
So there is no incentive to do better work, achievement and declining production, economic retreat.

Not explain how the economic mechanisms

Karl Marx only criticized the evil of capitalism, but not menjelaskann mechanism that allocates resources under socialism.

Socialist economic system is not equal to the communist economic system
- Socialism is a preparation step to communism.
- Communism is the final stage of the development community (The Six Major Historical stages): primitive communism slaery feudalism, Capitalism, and full communism sosialism

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