How to Install Complete Tutorial Seven Transformation
Today I was there who ask me " how to install seven transformation pack 2.0 " ( Change the look of windows xp crate windows7 ) Therefore Kang Salman write this tutorial may be useful. amen. ga objection if the add / tuker link with my blog ya .. hehe. I'll add a lot backlinknya. Immediately, the software that you just download from here to change the look of your windows xp into mrip with Windows7. how to install it is actually easy, you only need to choose the setting windows7 view later to suit your needs. below I've sort step-by stepnya. please you follow ... ^ _ ^

1. Open file downloadnnya results.

2. Once entered, click the file " Tranformation Seven Seven Transformation Pack 2.0.exe "

3. There is a choice click next aja

4. Select Next Again

5. Select I accept ... then click next

6. Ga need in perhatiin, select next again

7. Select Install Seven Transformation Pack

7. there will be two the question. resulation screen: adjust the screen resulusi km,
-If you are using CRT monitors . select the resolution 4:6 .
If you use the-l Ayar LCD or laptop / notebook, select a resolution 6:9 .
       DPI settings do not pay attention let saja.pilih on next. (Adjust the picture above only)

8. there will be two choices express mode and classic mode
- Express fashion : Instalan standard (recommendation)
- classic mode : Instalan tailored to the needs and abilities of our computer.
after selecting one click next .

10. you will see several options. basically it is a settings option that we want on the computer.

- aplly file system transformation for Seven UI : If the file icon and select change windows explorer settings
- Hide shutdown / log off button text for buttons sli : Hide shout down button and log off from the start menu and mengantikanya with cute little button
- Install esenssial seven components (logon, log off, shutdown, sceme, sound) : Must you choose, because it is related to the system that resembles windows7
- Install-party TrID . . . : Associated with aerodynamic ampilan your windows. need to remember there is a specific computer requirements. Minimum memory 512-1 Gb I suggest>> minimal 1 Gb
The second choice blank. except if you feel your computer specs yakain will, because if the requirement is less. Your computer will be trouble. (Loading trus)

(Advice from my empty)
when finished selecting the settings click next. if

11. Setting menu will appear. select the next course. do not do anything, unless you want to apply the settings menu. (The normal settings below
Then select next

13. select Seve sevenlization the curent setup into the setup information of font for the uses
. . .
14. Now you click Transporm .

Well now the install process is in progress, just wait ok ^ _ ^ 

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