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How to Make Infolinks on the Blog

How to Make Infolinks on the Blog
As we know infolink is a site that engages in advertising (PPC), which sets it apart is that every link in blog us when the highlight will appear along with the sponsor of the link infolink . Low by salman own kang info link is not too in love by the visitors. therefore not membahasny salman kang here in depth. if you want to install infolink in blog or your website first step you should do is:
  1. Please go to this page http://www.infolinks.com/signup.html please you sign up
  2. Then follow step by stepnya. until the time you copy the code provided by infolink .
  3. Login to blogger
  4. Select edit HTML / javascript
  5. Paste the code that you copied
  6. Save, and see the results.
Tip: We recommend that you prepare blog to have been registered to infolink with 10-15 article English language in finance, manga, food, travel and online business. news, gedget.

For details please read the tutorial how to sign up and put on the blog infolinks
I hope this brief information can help
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