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Know Your SEO on Blog

Know Your SEO on Blog
What's that SEO ? That's little question that arises in my mind when I first blogging. Maybe for the friend - a friend who was just learning blogging, too, must have or even heard the term SEO this. Indeed the word .. SEO This, in my opinion will never run out are discussed. Do you know what? because SEO is, it is identical with the world Blogging and Internet Business . Well if I may argue the hell, this SEO foundation of the two things I mentioned just now.

Through this paper, I will try to introduce you with SEO. Although I go to an SEO expert, but ga no harm in it if we learn seo along with discussing and knowing
What is SEO ...

Understanding SEO

SEO is a continuation Search Engine Optimization . Broadly speaking, SEO may be interpreted as a process of improving the ranking of a site / blog on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) by using a keyword (keyword) . I'm sure you've all been looking for something on the internet by utilizing search engine (google.com common example). When you type a word (keyword) in google, will show thousands or even millions of pages of search results related to what you are looking for starting from page 1 to the beyond. If this is associated with SEO then, sites / blogs that appear in position to-1 to page-1 has a value of a good SEO. So these are the core of SEO How to put your site / blog in the yard to-1 (Or even the position-1) from google search results in accordance with words - words (keywords) that in the search.

SEO Benefits

Talking about the benefits of SEO, of course, extremely helpful, especially for the web / blogs that are commercial (used for business). Why is that? because the better the SEO of a web / blog, the more traffic / hits on web / blog. And more and more hits on web / blog, then bisnispun will more smoothly.


Ok .. that's a brief description of SEO. Easy - I hope from this post, you can become more familiar and know about SEO. Thus, there is no reason for you to ask What is SEO? . Want to know more about SEO? visit aja love-seo.blogspot . Com or master seo aalil.blogspot.com

The term - a term:

SEO = Search Engine Optimization
Search Engines (Search Engine) = site used to look for something on the internet, c: / Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
Keyword = words - words used to search for something on search engines.


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