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Meaning A Loyalty

Meaning A Loyalty
I watch a classic movie Stroy a dog Hachiko interesting story about meaning a loyalty which makes me thrilled. Kesetian salman kang can learn from a creature of God ..

I long thought and think about the meaning meingat kesetian was like what ..

Every person that etah friends, friends or lovers or husband and wife sometimes used to ask the meaning of kesetian.

If we seek definition a loyality of course everyone will have his own opinion, following terjehmakan in the sense of narrowness:
  • When two lovers are not cheating kesetian interpret and patiently waited.
  • When friendships medefinisikan kesetian with mutual help and sacrifice, and
  • When a husband and wife has other opinions are more complex that is essentially lively semati ..
My simple understanding is faithful to never leave under any circumstances, in a happy or injury, in healthy or sick, but learn from what happened in my life, well I really got to thinking, what faithful said yes this time it still exist?, What instead loyal creatures that only GOD is owned by the caudate and wild-tongued like Hachiko? whether the said faithful that still apply to humans?
Too crazy when I talk like that ...

If you have money or time, try to download or buy the film so maybe you will understand what I think right now ...

Review :
The meeting between Parker and Hachiko was actually happening accidentally. Hachiko was a dog without a master who found Parker when he got home from work. Parker actually intend to find the owner of this dog Hachiko to restore but when business did not hit a Parker finally decided to maintain Hachiko.

Each day Hachiko always take Parker to the station when a man who worked as a lecturer was leaving for work. And every evening Hachiko also come pick up Parker to the station when he got home from work. At one point, Parker went to work as usual but never returned to the station. Parker died before he got home. Hachiko who do not know if her employer has not still come every afternoon hoping to see Parker again.

Days passed and nine years already Hachiko always come to the station to meet her employer. Though Hachiko never again met Parker yet Hachiko never give up. (Source: kapanlagicom)

FIlm is very nice and I am sure you will not regret to have it

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