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Full name
Abdul Salman Kusumah
Tenpat date of birth
Bandung, January 1, 1990
21 years
Educational Background
Bachelor of Economics
Diligent, tenacious, and creative is the key to success

About the Author:

My name is Abdul Salman Kusumah, I was born in Bandung, January 1, 1990. At first I did not come from an affluent keluaraga, mother and my father came from the village, exactly Garut. Since childhood, my life on the contents of the play, though I know my father and my mother was at work, in PJKA Mr and Mrs a special-ed teacher. I was often left alone in the house locked from outside, but it did not dampen my curiosity will be various things, especially my activities over. I remember that time I want to drink sweet tea .. then I learned to make my first sweet tea At the time I wonder why I made the tea water was not colored like artificial Mom or Dad? Whereas sugar had me add ... Oiya probably because the water was cold I thought. Salman then ran a small guest chamber and push wooden chairs into the kitchen and then ride. because of my small body size thermos of hot water fell and there was broken. And at that moment happened to My mother was once the home work and get yelled at ... I also gained as an adult I know the mother was angry because of anxiety and worry to me.

Events that I have never forgotten.
When I got growing up in the age of 5 years I have experienced events that I can not forget for life. The incident began when I wanted to urinate. Since no one with me and help open relseleting pants, I later learned to urinate on the side of the house itself. And that's when accidents come. I immediately shut down after relseleting pants. But there is that I forget. I forgot to put back my little bird, sehingg a pinched relseleting. I cried and cried. Mom and Dad I paniik! and trying to save me. But It's hard to do. it's odd that my mum and dad said, how could relseleting already on top of a small bird while I was stuck in the middle.

Finally, my neighbor came to help with the scissors, but after trying finally gave up because of fear of anything. Finally he took the initiative to take me to Paraji (expert circumcision) for the treat, as well as in circumcision. Paraji word because the only way just in circumcision.

Beginning plunge into the world blog
My introduction to the world of blogs began when I saw my colleague has a blog and I think it's really cool because we can read the writings of others on the internet.
Then I tried to make my first blog on blogger that is the date November 4, 2009 with the domain asksalman19.blogspot.com .. domain meaning that senderi stands for my name.

ask = abdul salman Kusumah
salman = name pangilan
19 = at the time of making the blog, I am 19 years old.
Then be asksalman19.blogspot.com
I start from 0, totally 0, let alone blog, I used to even have a facebook and ga ga can make it. Perhaps the situation at that time I failed technology masi (gaptek).

When my first blog so, I even confused. ga tau should be doing, so I left for 1 week. After that I started to learn to blog. and my teacher is his blog kang Rohman. Byk things I learned there, other than that I also like to thank the o-om because a lot of things I learned well from there. SEO and my teacher when I was there the first time aalil of the term SEO. When it's really no direct teacher who guided me, Say

Until finally there is an admin webmaster who cilacap.web.id give a simple explanation namuan it memotovasi me.
After I have a strong foundation to stand on its own eventually asksalman19.blogspot.com until now.

My motto is "
Nothing distinguishes bloggers senior and junior, that there is often what we read, and as much as what we experience

What's my motivation to blog?
In the past I was the biggest motovasi want to have a small entrance Alexa rank 150,000 Thank God the world rankings and now has been reached. In addition, my motivation was to write something useful for the next generation to carve the history and memories in the future. I realized that my life is not eternal and not sure, but I know that good science and constantly flowing. Therefore, by creating this blog, God willing, I dedicate to the next generation when the admin of this blog dead.


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