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The reliability of Windows 7

The reliability of Windows 7
Faster and more stable than Vista

Windows 7 This has a more stable performance of windows vista . Seven also more responsive and more efficient in the use of batteries. Although no official statement regarding the minimum specifications to be able to use windows 7 , But Steve Sinofsky states windows 7 only requires a minimum of 1Gb of memory allocation, no wonder when using windows 7 I do not have kedala-constraints as defined windows vista which makes the system becomes slow, knowing my laptop small bermemory 1Gb only. This certainly is good news for PC users or Notebook

One advantage again choose Network with 1 Wireless Only click of system tray

Here's one of the important facilities of windows 7 . A more practical step in choosing a wireless network. different from Windows Xp or Windows Vista , Sometimes confused how laypeople way connect your laptop.

There will be a warning if anything changed with your computer

Features windows 7 This one prevents you are confused. System will report if there is a change to your computer. you will get a warning when the system has changed and you can also set up the level of privacy. Starting from the "tell me everything" to "do not tell me squad"

Lost Sidebar, Gadgets flying

One of the things that distinguishes windows vista with Windows Xp is the sidebar. This sidebar contains gadgets and accessories for your computer. In windows 7 , The sidebar is missing. But , These gadgets remain, free to roam your own.

Library Will Collecting System with the same Type

I never had a problem with my files that clutter in My Document. I was puzzled to find a single file sala coursework that must be collected the next day. I was forced to have to look at all the existing folders on my document. because I forgot where put it. Well, this problem is apparently understood by the maker windows 7 . Their new features include a library that will organize document you based on the type. No matter where its location. All document pdf for example. even if located in D: / in my Document, or in any location will be organized by the library widows 7.

And .. of course there are many other features that exist in windows seven . It's just for those of you who have been wearing MAC or Linux, there are those features that already exist. As gadgets that roam, this feature already exists in MAC leopard

conclusions Windows 7 feasible we use, apart from the facilities and flexsibelitas that the offers, I think the speed and stability systemnya proportional to Windows XP SP 2 even I had to experiment with destructive or punching holes in windows system, and what happens? for certain types of minor damage and, windows 7 to recover and repair damaged cells that had no need to include the cd-reinstalling, with no upgrades or anything like that.

So What? Want to switch to windows 7 ?

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