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10 Advantage Blogspot / Blogge

10 Advantage Blogspot / Blogge
This 10 Advantage Blogspot / Blogger What Makes Being a Leader among competitors. on the occasion of this day kang salman will not discuss a simple tutorial or tips blog blogs as usual but this time Kang salman will invite you to recognize your blog more in order to make you more confident using the services of Blogger blogs.

In the Internet world is currently growing rapidly in added again with the emergence of new players which is engaged in the provision of free blog services such as the one we're using this. And certainly every service trying to highlight their respective keunggulanya order to captivate the hearts of beginners or who have a senior though. in accordance with a domain that I use, blogspot. salman kang here will try to describe it apasih Excellence Blogspot? If free mah've certainly free, what other advantages? and here are some advantages blogspot.

1. User friendly 
blogspot features the most easy to use especially for beginners.

2. SEO friendly 
although almost everyone says is more seo friendly wordpress. But bloggers also have seo friendly without making changes pun.Jadi we are still very suitable for novice bloggers who do not understand the programming language

3. Safe and rare error
Blogspot has facilities unimited bandwidth which means that regardless of the number of visitors who visit the blog, we would be safe would not worry about the bill or on the menuun pageload speed. But this would have been different if we use the domain and hosting your own, usually a serious problem (crash) when kuata bandwidth out our blog.
think in retrospect I think using blogspot will be safe, because Blogger is owned by google. As the world's largest portal I think google will always give the best quality to users, so no need to worry.

4. Ease posts
bloggers post provides an easy-either directly, via e mail or the latest via sms

5. Can megunakan javascrib
This one ya is important for those of us who wanted extra money nyari virtual world, aka the internet.

6. HTML code / source code is Open
Thus we are more free to modify the appearance of the blog as they pleased.

7. Options Template various
Collection of templates there are many choices, where we can directly use and could also modify its own without having to learn HTML, Blogger / blogspot also allow editing your blog's HTML code at any time.

8. Custom colors and fonts that vary
We can freely customize the templates that we have taken are Free of Charge in the collection of bloggers, we can change their colors and letters in accordance with our wishes.

9. Drag and drop page elements
With a simple drag and drop system is easier for us to put components such as the page posts, profiles, archives and other parts according to our needs and requirements.

10. Can be exchanged into their own domain name
We can switch from domainmu.Blogspot.com to domainmu.Com at any time, simply with a few minor settings. If later we decide to change the domain address, you do not have to worry will lose customers or visitors to your site before, because visitors who visit the old url will automatically be redirected to our new domain . With this facility, we only need to pay the domain name only, while for the cost of hosting is free (covered Blogger). Own thoughts have not changed its domain, because it is still in love with the domain blogspot.com

That's a little analogy that may explain the superiority kang salman some keungulan Blogspot from other similar services. Maybe there are still many who do not know salman kang. But it's fun and become Ngeblogspot trand butul today it sob?.

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