Changing the Display Font on The Blog

Changing the Display Font on The Blog
Changing the display font on the blog - These keywords you can use to find this easy guide. Who always gives of questions about the blog, "great." actually change the font on the blog was not a difficult thing tutorialnyapun probably the easiest and shortest ever kang salman created. here's how.

Code we will use is like this:
<span style = "font-family: Informal Roman;"> "THISINFORMAL ROMAN FONT" </ Span>

The above code will generate the following:

So before writing the letter should prepare first code above. and paste in your posts.

Notes :

  • If you want the kinds of other fonts Please own fox-colored text red in accordance with the font that you like.
  • Font color orange are the words you want to change the type or appearance of the letter.
  • If you want to see different types of fonts, you can view and select it in the microsoft office words. and live typing the name alone eg arial narrow, etc.
  • How easy is not it? Hopefully useful greetings ....
  • If you want to change all the letters on the blog,
  • find the post code body, and and if you see code similar to the one above. change with the type of letter you want.

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