How to Width Editor Comments on Blogger

Field Box widen Comments in Blogspot . You may be wondering why the comments boxblogger small? well here kang salman will discuss how the trick way raising or widen the comment field box. try note the comment boxblog this size, definitely different from blog you. interested in for a try?

1. Jump only Login to Blogger 

2. Select Plan 

3. Click  Edit HTML 

4. Do not Forget! Click writing download Full template to backup the default template 

(Check the small box next to Expan templates Widget Wait until the process is complete). 

5. Find similar code below, to facilitate pencariantekan Ctrl + F / (F3) 
(Each blog will vary in shape but if you find these similar erase   
<b:includable id='comment-form' var='post'> 
<div class='comment-form'> 
<a name='comment-form'/> 
<h3> <data:postCommentMsg/> </ h3> 
<p> <data:blogCommentMessage/> </ p> 
<Iframe allowtransparency = 'true' expr: src = 'data: post.commentFormIframeSrc' FRAMEBORDER = '0 'height = '275' id = 'comment- editor 'Scrolling =' auto 'Width = '100%' /> 
</ Div> 
</ B: includable>
Remove / delete the above code and then replace it with code below: 
<b:includable id='comment-form' var='post'>
<div class='comment-form-block'>
<a name='comment-form'/>
<h4 id='comment-post-message'><data:postCommentMsg/></h4>
<a expr:href='data:post.commentFormIframeSrc' id='comment-editor-src'/>
<iframe allowtransparency='true' class=' blogger -Iframe-colorize 'FRAMEBORDER = '0' height = '275 'id =' comment-editor ' 
scrolling = ' auto 'Src =''width = '100%' /> 
</ Div> 
</ B: includable>
Next add the following CSS code before the code ]]></ B: skin> 

div.comment-form-block {
width: 550px; / * Please change according to your desired width * /
margin: 0 auto ;
div.comment-form-block p {
color: # 000;
font-family: 'Georgia';
font-size: 14px;
text-align: left;
The code above can be customized to your taste, please change the number according to your template. So you can mengatak ngatik own. 
Save the template and see the results 

Well pal information maya, Kang salman both ends meet so first yes! congratulations creative with resize the comment box on blogger 

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